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By 2016 we will be paying almost 600% more for

electricity than we did in 2005!

When economic times are tough, just about everyone looks

for new ways to cut costs. Cities and towns are usually no

different from people in this regard, except that their

operating costs are exponentially higher and aren't

improved by skipping lattes after lunch. Instead, they often

have to make more painful cuts, like trimming public

services, but there are alternatives that can generate

significant, long-term savings while also allowing for

upgrades and improvements to existing services. One that's

growing in popularity across the world is the use of energy-

saving wind solar hybrid powered LED lamps as

replacements for outdated energy-draining streetlights.

Spiraling energy costs, squeezed budgets, punishing

carbon taxes, aging and inefficient legacy lighting systems,

these are just a few of the major issues affecting street

lighting professionals in the UK today. And as if that wasn't

bad enough many forecasters are now predicting power

blackouts by 2015 as aging coal fired power stations are

closed to meet government emission targets.

Running outdoor lighting systems is a major headache

today with street lighting often seen as an easy target for

legislators under increasing pressure to cut costs as the

government’s austerity program bites even deeper. In spite

of these challenges lighting professionals are still expected

to keep our streets well lit and safe, so how do you do that?

The HyLight wind solar hybrid street lighting system from

Zero Emission Lighting is a self powered intelligent LED

street lighting system that harvests wind and solar power to

provide a clean, green street lighting solution. Composed of

solar PV modules, a small wind turbine, deep cycle

batteries, controller and a high efficiency LED luminaire the

HYLite generates it's own power to produce high quality

lighting without damaging Carbon Dioxide emissions.

The HyLight system is virtually maintenance free and

has no daily running costs. Totally off grid, totally free.

Our specially designed luminaire dramatically reduces light

pollution and an operating temperature of 60oC compared

with the 300oC of sodium lamps means a massive reduction

in wasted energy. The low voltage of our lighting systems

reduce the need for rapid response in the event of

accidental damage to columns while both police forces and

the public alike welcome the "white light" produced by LED

street lighting and the proven reduction in crime it brings.

At Zero Emission Lighting we are committed to offering you

he highest levels of service possible to make the transition

from conventional to wind and solar power simple and easy

journey. We offer design, technical help, support, guidance,

intelligent advice and professional project management

from feasibility study right through to installation and


Give us a call today on 01422 616383 to discuss

how the Zero Emission Lighting can help you

save money and keep the lights on.

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